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A Royal Experience at The Palm Court - Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

For those who admire and appreciate the exquisiteness of finer environments, the Palm Court within the Balmoral Hotel is unquestionably the first-class venue you must pay a visit to if you want to feel immersed entirely in luxurious environs, decorous enough to make one feel like royalty.

The Balmoral Hotel is without a doubt one of the most recognisable landmarks in the historic city of Edinburgh. Located centrally on Princes Street, the building is quite impossible to be unnoticed. It's Scottish Baronial style architecture is magnificent, and was built adjacent to the neighbouring Waverley train station.

The Balmoral Clock was purposely set 3 minutes fast since 1902 for the intention to ensure passengers do not miss their scheduled trains; which is still in practice today.

Although both me and my partner intended to visit the Palm Court since arranging our trip to Edinburgh, we never booked a specific time slot in advance nor allerted the Hotel beforehand with regards to our proposed arrival. Therefore with this in mind we were unsure whether it would be a possibility to visit the venue on this occasion; However with luck and exceptional service from the gentleman at reception, he found space for us at the Palm Court which we were very much grateful for.

Walking through those doors into Palm Court presents a sense of wonderment and awe. The glass-domed room is engrossed with beautiful floral plants and exotic palm trees, which combines effortlessly with the garden themed wallpaper portraying the verdant landscape of Edinburgh. In conjunction with this, the venue is rapt from it's grand & compelling venetian chandelier; not forgetting the wonderful touch of the harp being played by a musician from the gallery above.

Although the venue is used primarily for Afternoon Tea, we had an inclination to enjoy the picturesque atmosphere with a bottle of red wine shared between us both. The lady who attended to us picked out a favourite red for us to firstly try before we settled for the bottle, we really appreciated the courteousness from this gesture. The wine was called ‘Kaiken Clasico, Malbec 2019’; If you tend to lean towards soft red wine which is rich in fruity, spicy notes- this is a must try Malbec. We also received a side of potato crisps free of charge which was a nice touch.

Subsequently, we were beginning to feel quite peckish and fancied some olives which we thought would pair well with our wine. However we were informed that they do not offer olives whilst dining at the Palm Court which was unfortunate although we completely understood.

Nonetheless, the staff at balmoral clearly valued us as customers as the lady came back to us no longer than 5 minutes later with a generous amount of olives and nuts from another department to accommodate our needs. Me and my partner admired this gesture, and more so respected the service we received so far at Palm Court.

As expected, the olives were ripe and succulent, saturated beautifully in virgin oil and herbs. The mixed nuts on the other hand were spiced and roasted to perfection. The combination of our nibbles was a perfect addition to our red wine.

As the evening progressed and the venue got quieter, we were building rapport with our amazing host who has been impressively attentive and conscientious throughout our experience at Palm Court. She provided the best possible service to us and was entirely up to the mark with all aspects of our experience as customers. Her name was Luciana, we are both very grateful to have had Luciana for her involvement in our Palm Court experience. And of course we also passed on our reverence to reception on our way out to ensure her professionalism is noticed.

In conclusion, Palm Court at The Balmoral is a venue which we will certainly cherish in the long-run. The attention to detail and superb hospitality we received throughout was the motive for our appreciation for the service we received. In addition to this, the atmosphere from the verdant themed setting was like no other; it most definitely felt sophisticated and enhanced our

enjoyment. One day I will be sure to return, and will absolutely be recommending to others. This is truly the jewel in the heart of Edinburgh, which you must experience yourself if you ever visit the Scottish capital!

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