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Buckingham Palace will never be the same

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to visit St James park, and Buckingham Palace, just after a business meeting I had with a friend, right next to the area. So after finishing my meeting, I thought of having a walk to enjoy one of the perks of living in the British capital, its glorious parks.

Since 10 years ago when I first moved to study and live in the united kingdom, specifically, London, one of the things I have adopted from the British culture, is the joy of walking through the city, admiring its beauty and people from so many different backgrounds, you can tell it's the international capital of the world.

So after a few blocks from the place I was attending the business meeting, I arrived at St James park, and a couple of minutes after, I took the pedestrian bridge that crosses the main lake, leading you to The Mall, I stood on the bridge, looking at the palace, ‘what a gorgeous view’ i thought, but at the same time I had this feeling that this majestic place, Buckingham, will never be the same after our late queen died.

Buckingham Palace, London, UK 2023

You just know it, you can feel it standing there next to the building, there's still this eerie sensation all over the place, it was like a feeling of acknowledgement that she's not here between us anymore.

But on the other hand, the royal standard was up and flying, meaning that it was highly likely our new King was in the house, which is rather special as it is very well known HRH and his wife love to spend time in the countryside, although after the queen's death, things haven't finished in terms of the transition period of moving from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace, so I think it makes sense for the king to spend time at the main palace to sort and organise things.

The Victoria Memorial, London, UK 2023

Another fun fact that amused me, was seeing so many tourists visiting the royal site, the Victoria Memorial was packed and the palace fences were flooded with visitors taking pictures of the guards and the royal coat of arms hanging on the main gates.

After about 45 minutes of staying next to the palace, I led my way to Green Park station, and walked through St James - Mayfair, which is one of my favourite areas in the city, oh gosh I'd love to live there. The simple fact that you have everything, literally the best shops in London a few steps away from your house, must be such a pleasure, one can only dream.

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